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Malawana Holdings Liquor serves as a one stop shop for Licensed Retail Liquor dealers in the world. We sell a full line of Liquor, Beer, Wine, Vodka, Whiskys, Rum, Tequila, and Sundry Items. We are open seven days a week including all Holidays to serve and support our customers. Orders can be placed in person during regular business hours or 24 hours a day by phone, fax or online. All orders are processed for prompt delivered at the place of order’s company. We sell to a wide range of retailers including bars, restaurants, convenience stores, reception venues and caterers.

We accept cash, checks (prior approval necessary), Bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

Notarial Services are available for the convenience of our customers by appointment.

You get everything you need to run your establishment with one stop and one invoice. Why wait for delivery from multiple vendors over several days or visiting several vendors when you can get everything under one roof? This saves time, increases security, and gives you more control of your schedule as well as making it easy to pay your bills.

You might ask yourself ‘’why do you want to buy wine or liquor on-line?’’

Here are some reasons why:

Number 1 : Malawana Holdings Liquor have the  lowest prices of the world as well as the widest product line.

Number 2 :  When we ship a product to you outside of South Africa, you save from 10 to 20% by not paying sales tax when the product crosses country lines.

Number 3: When you buy a case or 50 bottles of the same wine product we give you additional 20% discount.

Number 4 : When your order is over $5000, you will get additional 10% discount and 20% discount for all orders over $15000.

Number 5 : If you write a call to our customer service, we can special order a product for you that nobody else can get. We can also give you a reduction code.

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